For each assignment there will be an initial flat rate of €10. To this will be added a sum based on the number of words.

For each 1,000 words the following rates apply:

Text format:
(Business) correspondence€8,-€8,-€10,-€10,-€10,-
Resumes, CVs and personal statements€8,-€8,-€10,-€10,-€10,-
Reports, proposal documents, minutes or presentations€10,-€10,-€12,-€12,-
Essays or (final) dissertations€10,-€10,-
PhD thesest.b.a. t.b.a.


The duration of an assignment will be agreed upon in advance. Please feel free to send me a message, without any obligation, to discuss your preferred deadline.

In cases where deadlines are overly short or assignments are required earlier than proposed, an urgency rate will be applied. This will be arranged in advance and will mainly depend on the size of the source text.


Upon delivery of the assignment you will receive an e-mail containing your invoice as well as payment information. Payment is to be completed within 14 days.