My love for English goes right back to my school years and to the years I spent in England studying for my university degree at Anglia Ruskin University. Back in the Netherlands I worked as English editor/translator for a number of years and continued to use and further expand my knowledge of the language in subsequent roles.

Dutch is my much loved mother tongue and I am a Dutch qualified translator (Staatsexamen 1992). My skills and accuracy were honed during my years of working as a management assistant and my many years of drafting exhaustive business reports and documentation. I am known by friends, family and colleagues alike as a 'language purist' - whether they like it or not... sometimes they really don't.

My German language skills stem from an early one-year stay at a German international school where I am now grateful I had to undergo the strict language classes of Frau Eschbach! As with my other languages, I have had the opportunity of using German extensively over my working life including at home, where it is the main language I speak with my German husband of 28 years. 


I come from a very Francophile family and, as a result, at 18 my French was already fluent, helped in no small part by my A-Level knowledge of Greek and Latin. I proceeded to study French at degree level and to live and work in France for some time before returning to the Netherlands where I have continued to use and work in this truly beautiful language. 

As a youngster my wish to learn Spanish one day came from my Hispanic family ties. I finally managed to achieve this by studying it at degree level together with French. I established myself in Madrid for a while and travelled extensively across Spain. Back in the Netherlands I continued to work in and stay closely connected to this warm and lively language.